Agree to contraceptives

Contraception or also known the birth control or fertility method. It is the method to prevent pregnancy. These contraception methods have used in the ancient times, but it still now debate for some organization. If it is in the side of the religion, it is the worst invention of mankind because they believe that abstaining from sex would be morally better that having sex then using birth control, it is also a moral sin. When it is in the side of scientist they said that it is the greatest invention of mankind, because when it is invented the number of offspring per woman. The families have achieved the higher standards of living and can provide better future for each child
         Nowadays, whether you like it or not mostly woman and teenagers commit pre-marital sex and some of them involve in unwanted pregnancy. Unwanted pregnancy defined as a pregnancy that is unplanned. It is a worldwide problem. It affect the the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual of the women and the child. The effects of teen mothers and women are the following: they will not even go on graduate either high school or collage, they do not have the full qualification for proper jobs in the future, Furthermore this leads to poor living conditions and a inability to maintain safe and clean environment for their newborn child. They do not have enough sources for their child. In overall view all the teen mothers and women force to delay and postpone their plans, ambitions in life and their dream for their future in order to raise their child. In the situation of the child of the mothers, they may live in poverty, since their mother lack of financial resources, and also in a very poor conditions. Child also have social problems and unable to make friends very easy, which leads to poor relationship development. the children are likely to drop out from the school, that caused them to depression and involve them in drugs and alcohol. This cycle is very likely repeat itself over and over.
        It is the main reason why scientist invent contraceptive it is the solution and prevention. At first, hey really having a hard time introduce these to the people since it is conservative society and they always base in the book of law, It is state their that it is prohibited the dissemination of birth control. The time past by Margaret Sanger and Katherine were so invested in the development of the new form of birth control. Their reason why they do this because they are both nurse and they witness to many families facing difficulty with the number of birth in their family and their inability to financially support these unexpected increase in family size. If that happen in the past years how much more that we are in the modern times, so maybe it is the right time to widen our perspective in our life. For us to accept and appreciate the benefits of contraception.
         Contraceptive have a big impact in the couple and women. Contraceptive are very effective at preventing pregnancy, couples who use contraceptives to have healthier pregnancies, because for them family size are really important to know when do you want to be pregnant again. It is really matters the time and space of birth to achieved their desire family size. Women will be also enjoy being a mother if the gap of the children are not too far and near to each other, because she can give the right love guidance and presence of the mother that is really need by children.
           We must widen our perspective when it comes to these issue. We says that we are in the modern times and if you observe there is a constant change. There is transformation of the society, when the society change much more to the family live in the society. We must be also practical in today’s situation, we must face the real world that life is a simple word but full of hardship. You have to decide how many children do you want base in your resources and status in life. Once you enter in the marriage or sexual intercourse, ask yourself “I’m I ready to become mother and bear children?” If say then you are ready to be a mom and you can raise your children that full of love and guidance, but if no do not push yourself. To the teenager if you are if you are yet teenager, it is best not to refrain from sexual activities till you are mature to handle the some. If you choose to sexually active make sure you are well protected against getting infected against STIs and unplanned pregnancy that can ruin your life.


I always join pageant even though sometimes I am really tired but I keep on trying. then, I wake up later on realize that beauty don’t need judges and many people manipulate you. talking about something in the way you walk, the way you smile, the way you answer Q&A the way you manage you’re confidence that it is not must be over and to weak but the beauty is how you see yourself in the front of the mirror, having confidence to face the challenge.That we all have the ability to smile even though we are in the stressful days. Beauty is still in the eye of the beholder.


I was only 16 years old. I’m a grade 11 student. I think this is my worst experience when it comes to my health. It is also like the worst nightmare I’ve ever had, I was joining my first pageant that time and I already passed the screening in the city mall, that time my body is like chubby? I don’t know, but I have the American type body. so that it’s since I’ve past I really need to lose weight . I jog every 6:00 AM its been 3 days that I continue that exercise. The next day I woke up that my abdominal is really hurt. I just think that it is not that serious matter but it continuously hurt I can’t stand straight anymore, I lost my appetite, I cant cough and it is really hard to move. I’m still in home that time cause my mom think that it just a diarrhea. she bought me Gatorade and fruits. I cant slept. The 3:00 AM i cant take it anymore. All I want is to ease the pain that i felt.When me and my mom arrived at the hospital. Thank god! There is a doctor that time and I saw my mom that is really worried and pity for my condition because when I’m about to go out to the taxi I really cried that i felt in the pain for my lower abdomen. When my mom asked the doctor “how’s my child?” The doctor said I have acute appendix and I must have an Appendectomy.


change is the only constant in this world. Change that make us realize that we are getting mature. change that makes us a new person. change is in our everyday life. change wider our perception But don’t be afraid to change because it is just the beginning of EVERYTHING.